Grade 3 Writing ...

Stanton 3rd grade students are working on producing fluent writing with guidance and support from adults. They are demonstrating the use of such standard English conventions as writing in the proper simple tense; writing simple, compound, and complex sentences; and using commas and quotations in dialogue. Below are some examples of Grade 3 writing from Stanton students during the current school year.

Dance For MoneyBy Serenity

I have always wanted a pony. One that I can ride, play with, and love. The only problem is it costs $100.00.

So my way to make money is to dance. I will need dancing clothes. Then I will have to figure out where I will be going around town.

I have to put all of my favorite songs on a DVD player. One song is called “What Did the Fox Say?” Another is “Gangnam Style,” and the last song is “Call Me Maybe!”

Then I will put down a hat on the ground so people can put money in. I will dance from sunrise to sunset until I earn $100.00. I will save my money so I can get the pony that I have always wanted!

Saving MoneyBy Yulming

Would you want to know how to save money? If yes, then keep reading.

First, you should write how much money you need. I want to get money for when I grow up. Now you plan how to earn or get the money. I’m in 3rd grade so I plan to get the money by getting 100% on my tests. When I get 100% I get $5.00 or five dollars. This includes math, spelling and more! Next, you plan how to save it. There are a lot of ways to save your money. You can put it in the bank or a safe place in your house. My money is safe in a safe spot in my house. Again, there are a lot of ways to save your money. Once you earn the money you need, then you could keep saving or use it all up. You will need money for food, water/drinks and other things. I hope this story will help you.