Grade 4 Writing ...

In Grade 4, Stanton students are learning how to write opinion pieces using supporting evidence from multiple sources. With guidance and support from adults, they are demonstrating the use of such standard English conventions as forming and using prepositional phrases, producing complete sentences, correcting fragments and run-on sentences in their writing, and correctly using frequently confused words such as two, too, and two or their, there, and they're. Below are some examples of Grade 4 writing from Stanton students during the current school year.

The Puppy Buying PlanBy Alyssa

I really want to buy a pit bull puppy for my mom and me. I want a puppy because I used to have one but he died.

A lot of people think pit bulls are mean but they aren’t. My dog Tical was as sweet as sugar. Whenever I was outside, he was right there by my side. He slept with me every night and was always around to keep me company. He was a great guard dog. He barked to let us know someone was at the door or in the yard. I miss him more than the world. I want to have that friendship again which is why I want another puppy. But I have a problem. I can’t afford to buy one right now. I need to find a way to earn and save enough money for my new buddy.

I was thinking and thinking about ways I could earn enough money and then it hit me! There are lots of ways I could earn money. One thing I could do is shovel snow for family members like my grandparents, my mom, and my dad. I know my family would appreciate not having to break their backs shoveling. Every time it snows I’m excited but Grandpa always says, “Ugh! Snow! I hate shoveling!” Another thing I could do is help around the house doing things like sweeping the floor, washing the windows or doing the laundry. Mom works very hard and wants to take a nap after work, so I know that helping around the house would give her a break and earn me some money. Another way I could earn money is to babysit my four year old cousin while my parents are busy. We could play with her toys, watch a show together or go outside to play. I would also be in charge of making her lunch.

Now that we have the money earning process down I have to find a way to save it. I could put the money I earn in my piggy bank but I would probably end up taking it out to buy candy or little toys. I could also give it to my parents to hold for me. I hope they don’t spend it on me! I think the best way to save money is to put it in a bank account. It’s the safest place to keep my money. If I want to take it out I have to ask someone to drive me to the bank but that’s a lot harder than just taking it out of a piggy bank so I would be less likely to take it out before I saved enough to buy a puppy.

Well, that is how I plan to earn enough money to buy our new pit bull puppy. Hopefully my plan works because I really want to surprise my mom.

How To Reach My DreamBy Samuel
Do you have a dream? I do. I want to play basketball when I go to college in Georgia or Oregon. I know that college costs a lot of money so I need to start earning and saving money now.

I would like to go to college in Oregon because it is my favorite state and that’s where I was born. I like Oregon because it’s very cold and it has a background of mountains if you look into the sunset. I would like to go to college in Georgia because it is the home of my favorite college football team. If I went there I could go to all the football games.

I have already started to save money by doing chores around my house. For example, I clean the cat litter two times each week, take out the trash and clean out the fireplace. I also help baby sit my nephew when my mom goes to the gas station and on Christmas when she is wrapping his presents. One job I hate is picking up the sticks in the yard when my dad is going to mow the lawn. Even though I hate it I still do it so I can earn extra money. By doing all these chores, I earn $80.00 every month.

Every week I earn $20.00. I put my money in a duck bank until my mom goes to the bank. I have a savings account. I give my mom $20.00 to deposit and I keep the rest for myself so I can buy movies, Legos and games. If I keep saving my money, when it’s time to go to college I will have lots of money saved to help pay for college so I can reach my dream.