Grade 5 Writing 2012-13 ...

Our grade 5 students explore multiple genres of writing ... from poetry to journaling to expository and persuasive pieces. Below are a few samples of student work.

Stanton School by Selena
Stanton School is a school that rules
It is a stream ... the road to our dreams.
Stanton School ... there is no other ...
Stanton School makes us proud ... it is up in a cloud.
Stanton School is the best, not like the rest and certainly not a pest.
We are the SHARKS.
We make our MARKS;
and we all have great big HEARTS.

There is no night, only light
We simply have the best school in sight
We run for fun ... the sea is within me.
We celebrate with all and there is no slumber;
only wonder ....

The greatest school is Stanton School.

Freedom is something you cannot touch
Freedom is when there is no one standing in your way
Freedom is earth and its adventures waiting for you to explore
Freedom is something blacks had to fight over back in the day
but now equality and civil rights allows everyone to make their own choices ...
by Amber


They are soft and cold
they hold a secret no one knows
Swiriling around they like to dance
Drinking them puts you in a trance
Smoothies jiggle your mind
Enjoying them is always a good time
Smoothies are yummy, it's hard to explain
But sometimes they cause pain ...
by Jager

A Fateful Friday, December 14th

At Sandy Hook Elementary School there was an awful disaster. A man with three types of weapons broke into a 1st grade classroom. Twenty 20 died, ages 6 and 7. All of those kids will never have the chance to be 100% successful in their lives. Let all of the 20 sweet, precious children who lost their lives in the disaster rest in peace. Also, let the 6 brave adults who died, rest in peace. These adults, who died, saved their children from dying. They rushed into action, trying to keep the gunman away from the children. They will be honored and remembered for their bravery. Twenty six people died in this disaster; for what cause?

Twenty children lost their lives along with six adults. Let's hope Sandy Hook can restore their broken hearts. Their hearts may be ruined, but their spirits are strong. I hope the families can heal after their awful loss. None of these children from Sandy Hook will be forgotten.
by Kyle