Grade 5 Writing ...

In Grade 5, students are expected to produce clear and coherent narrative, informational, and opinion pieces of writing. With the guidance and support of adults, they are taking their work through the writing process from prewriting to drafting to revising to editing to final public publication. They are demonstrating such conventions of standard English, they are using verb tense to convey time, sequence state, and condition; spelling grade-appropriate words correctly, consulting appropriate references when they need them; and using conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections appropriately. Below are examples of Grade 5 writing from Stanton students during the current school year.

How I Will Earn and Save
By Demani
Last Christmas I wanted a new video game but it cost $60.00. My grandmother did not have any money to get it. So, I thought of ways of getting money and had an idea. My idea was to walk dogs. I will get $5.00 a week. I will walk 4 dogs and get $20.00 a week, so I only have to walk the dogs for 3 weeks.

If that does not work, I can babysit younger kids, because I am good with kids. I could get $10.00 a day, so I will only have to babysit for 6 days. There are flaws in that plan if a kid does not show up because that would mean I would earn less money. For example, I may be babysitting 2 kids for $10.00 each; what if one kid is sick or is at a relative’s house? That means I would earn $10.00 instead of $20.00. Also, what if I get sick for a week than instead of earning $100.00 I would be earning $0.

If those 2 plans don’t work I could wash cars for $5.00 each car. If the average amount of cars we get in a day are 10 cars, then in one day I would get $50.00 a day. However, if I have other people helping, we would have to split the money. So say if I were working with 5 other people we would split the money into $10.00 so I would get $10.00 a day. So I would have to work for 6 days but I might have to work more if there are fewer cars than expected. So if we get one car one day and then 3 the next day, I would only earn $25.00 and if it rains no one will come to have their car washed so I would earn nothing. That is how I would earn the money to get the new video game.

By Khuzaima

Over the next few years I am thinking of saving enough money to buy a new Toyota Camry Sport. In this story I am going to tell you how I am going to earn $21,000.00 USD. To do this job I have to work hard to earn my money or people will pay me less than the fixed price. Now let’s start!

Something that I want is a car for the future. My first car for the future will be a Toyota Camry Sport. It cost around $21,000.00 USD. It is going to be hard to earn all the money so I have lot of jobs to do. The reason I am saving now for a car in the future is because I do not want an old car that doesn’t suit me. To do this job I have to make sure I am strong and I work every day. I would really like this car as my first car because it is a fairly good price. Also, with the extra money I get I could use it for my college education.

Some of the jobs I am going to do to earn $21,000.00 USD is shoveling driveways for $15.00, doing all chores $20.00, my weekly Allowance is $20.00, raking leaves in fall $20.00, having a car wash $2.00 per car, selling old stuff $10.00-$30.00, helping my dad at his store $20.00, mowing grass $10.00, garden work and lawn work $25.00, making food $5.00, selling food $1.00, having a fund raiser $10.00. If you think my jobs have a high price, well I have to earn $21,000 USD. It will take me about 3 years to earn the money which I don’t have to worry about because I am only 10 years old.

After I get $21,000.00 USD, I will go to the dealer ship and buy a brand new Toyota Camry Sport. I will so happy for all the work I put in, I could rest in my new car. My parents didn’t even give me a penny to buy the car they only had to pay household bills. So I saved my parents money, they didn’t waste $21,000 USD which I will proud of.

Now you know what I am saving for a $21,000.00 Toyota Camry Sport. I told you about what I wanted, the jobs I would do, and what I will do after I get my money. I am so excited to do these jobs!!!!