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Writing across disciplines and in multiple genres is critical to meeting the expectations set forth in the Common Core State Standards. An increased focus on writing will work to ensure college and career readiness for your child. As we implement a Literacy Workshop Model at Stanton, our students are learning about the reading/writing connection. The Stanton 2nd grader below is writing about his reading, using evidence from the text.


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Encourage your child to write every day. Just as it is important to sit and read with your child, it is also important to sit and write with them. Journaling is a great place to begin. Journaling provides children with an opportunity to write about everyday activities, accomplishments, disappointments, goals, and their hopes and dreams for the future. Make it fun by encouraging your child to write about what they know and love to do. Embolden your child to use exciting vocabulary words and add artwork to complement their writing piece. Assign your child the task of writing out the grocery list or a daily list of chores or activities to do. Teach them how writing is simply thinking on paper and how it helps us to organize our thoughts. Involve them in everyday tasks that involve writing of any kind. Read a newspaper article with them and ask them to summarize it or write predictions about what might happen next. Ask them to think critically about the newspaper article and draw conclusions about how a particular story impacts their family, the community and the world. Scrapbook with your child and encourage them to write meaningful captions to preserve family memories. Encourage your child to write notes to family and friends. Hang your child's writing up in a prominent place in the home ... teach them that their writing work is important. Ask them what they are writing about in school, ask them to share it and take the time to discuss it with them. When children have an authentic purpose and real audience for writing, they are convinced that their writing is important to the adults in their lives ... you will be amazed at what they will produce!

Ask your children about their daily participation in writing workshops ...

  • As part of the Stanton Network Plan, the additional hour of instructional time is focused on the implementation of Writing Workshop.
  • Writing Workshop is an interdisciplinary writing technique used to build students' fluency in writing through continuous, repeated exposure to the process of writing. Teachers can introduce elements of Writing Workshop at any elementary grade. Ideally, however, the process begins in Kindergarten.
    • To guide students through the writing process: Prewriting, drafting, revising, proofreading/editing, publishing
    • To instruct students in specific writing genres
    • To apply foundational writing strategies, applications, and conventions
  • Continue the workshop at home ...

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